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Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
Cheated orphan of a dead fireman
who held the NAVY CROSS

Eleanor Kitzman / Bar Fly / Commissioner of Insurance


www.MONYINTERNATIONAL.com US Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and Phil Gramm were both presented with copies of the 1992 NAIC Examination of MONY that revealed over $600,000,000 in illegal transactions! Each were asked if they could help their constituents get an accurate and properly opined financial statement for the company! Senator Gramm's office reported that he was "POWERLESS". He then accepted a $54,000 contribution from MONY's lawyers.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has helped hide MONY's fraudulent financial statements and the looting of the company! She personally profited from the illegal acts while thousands of her constituents were being defrauded! Senator Hutchison actually produced a copy of the audit of MONY that disclosed more than $600,000,000 in illegal transactions and claimed it was an accurate financial statement for the company! She could not explain the $687,000 that had been paid to her husband's law firm and not disclosed, as required by law, on the 1994 Schedule J filed in Texas.
According to independent CPA reports on file with the Texas Department of Insurance and in former Governor George W. Bush's office, A. Frank Smith, Managing Partner of Vinson and Elkins, was on MONY's Board when MONY first started filing fraudulent financial statements.
Webster Hubbell went to prison for less than this.…………….Quote from Wassell v MONY
"MONY's counsel's time is not only excessive, but in at least some respects appears suspect. For example, on March 19, 1996, Shadow Sloan, a Vinson & Elkins associate billed time while in New York for "telephone conference with John McCole...." On its face, this entry seems reasonable; John McCole was the former manager of MONY's Scranton, Pennsylvania agency where Wassell worked as a sales manager. The problem with Ms. Sloan's time entry, however, is that John McCole died in 1994. The fact that Ms. Sloan is billing MONY for time on March 19, 1996 for "telephone conference" with a dead man at least raises curiosity regarding the veracity of MONY's counsel's bills."

Account Number MUT750 81007
Billing Attorney Douglas E. Hamel
Invoice Number 1211137
3/19/96 SSL0 Meet with Paul Yacyahyn, to work on discovery 9.00
responses / telephone conferences with John McCole
and Bob Fete: review documents regarding

Note 4: If Ms. Sloan actually spoke with Mr. McCole in 1996, then her hourly rate should be higher than a meager $203.00 per/hr.

Senator Phil Gramm's office claimed he was "POWERLESS" to cause anyone to produce an accurate, concise and properly opined financial statement for MONY/Mutual of New York! He graciously accepted at least $54,000 in contributions from MONY's lawyers and today MONY Group Inc. is a publicly traded company that owns a bank while the Texas Teachers Retirement Fund and TAMU exes have lost millions of dollars as a direct result of FRAUD! Members of the military and their family members have been cheated out of their educational and retirement funds as well as death benefits and placed in tax traps that can destroy their financial well being!
MONY's financial statements are fraudulent, the company has been looted and elected officials in Texas have personally profited!

Excerpts from "HONOR THE WARRIOR" by William L. Myers:
......"On the first approach Corporal Abshire and I poured out the lead at Viet Cong positions. The first man I saw on the ground was dead, shot thru the head. The fire was so heavy that, after one man jumped aboard, we lifted out and headed for G-4. This man drew me a makeshift map on the stretcher of where the Viet Cong were located. We returned to the zone. On this touch down we took hits in the bird. One hit the armor and I heard the Captain say he was hit. A round also came within inches of Corporal Abshire. This load we picked up two more wounded, Corporal Abshire and myself getting out to retrieve them. The fire from the enemy was intense. We made two more pickups under heavy fire. Corporal Abshire fired the M-79, and knocked out a machine gun while going in. I shot at VCs and can only hope I got them. I really never knew nor do I care to; however, they weren't firing back after I started shooting. Corporal Abshire retrieved one marine who was hit again while Corporal Abshire was running back with him on his shoulders about 20 yards from the helo. I already had one head injury aboard from a trench by a small pond as well as one other guy. We took these to G-4. The next trip we took on more men which cleared the wounded in this particular zone. We made two more pickups for wounded after changing aircraft because of low fuel and battle damage. Corporal Abshire was really hustling to be"

"While we were in the med evac zone Bob Abshire was firing an M-79 grenade launcher when a bullet hit it and split the stock."

"Bob Abshire left the Marine Corps after about 10 years of service. By that time, he was a SSgt., and I think he had been awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross on his third tour in Viet Nam. On his first tour, he was a recon Marine. On the second tour, he was in VMO-2. On the third tour he was in an HML squadron. After he left the Marine Corps, Bob went to work with the fire de- partment in or near Ft. Worth or Arlington, Texas. Shortly after he joined the fire department, he received an award for reviving a little girl who had almost drowned in a swimming pool. Bob usually called me on the anniversary of that med evac action. One Friday night he called me from the fire station and we talked for a long time. On Sunday morning his wife called me and told me that Bob had gotten off work early Saturday morning. While driving home he stopped to help a stranded motorist. A drunk driver came over the top of a nearby hill, headed straight for them. Bob pushed the other guy out of the way and was struck and killed by the drunk driver. The guy was always a hero. Bob left a wife and little girl."

Bobby W. Abshire was awarded the Navy Cross, our country's second highest medal for meritorious combat service! His child was denied a "FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST" by members of the US Senate and was cheated out of 100s of thousands of dollars. Please take the time to review the information on www.MONYBUSH.com.



Eleanor Kitzman, Commissioner                                                                      September 1, 2011
Texas Department of Insurance
State of Texas

Dear Ms. Kitzman,

Today I renewed my Texas insurance license (#1008184) for the 41st time and wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your appointment as Commissioner of the Texas State Board of Insurance. I was pleased to see that you are a member of the State Bar of Texas and an officer of the court held to deontological ethics. As far back as I can remember Texans have not been afforded a commissioner bearing those credentials or held to the rules of law. I wish you well in cleaning up the fraud and corruption within the TDI. A quick read of the 199th District Court Grand Jury letter to Governor-elect George W, Bush may help you in evaluating needed improvement within the TDI....... "In closing, Your Honor, we are obliged to offer our negative observations of the State Board of Insurance. During our investigation we found closed minds, lack of cooperation, a tendency to overlook and wink at blatant misapplication of funds, filing of false financial statements, and apparent undue influence by outside lobbyists and lawyers,"..."We feel that the State Board of Insurance has become stagnant, content to sit back and allow the insurance companies to regulate themselves without proper supervision or control. View letter..page1, page2, page3. As you will soon learn, I have for many years tried to help rectify the massive fraud on the public by the MONY/AXA Ponzi. I have a number of web site that contain the information detailing the fraudulent financial statements of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, commonly referred to as MONY prior to it demutualization, which is now owned by AXA. The web sites are listed on the www.TAMUEX.com web site that has been vetted without objection by the Securities & Exchange Commission, the USDOJ, the Texas Department of Insurance and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson. SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro via FOIA has admitted that the SEC does not have an accurate, concise and properly opined financial statement for MONY for anytime in the last 10 years. I request that you review the information contained on the listed sites and let me know of any incorrect information so that I may make the proper changes,Posted on the www.SpitzerAG web site are news articles concerning NY AG Spitzer's investigation of the fraudulent policies sold by MONY to residents of New York and Connecticut. New York policyholders received return of premium plus 8% interest on their policies. The same policies were sold in Texas. Texans got nothing and had to pay the fines and settlements for NY and Ct. Can you see that Texans are treated equally? I would like to have my policies rescinded and the 8% on all premiums paid just like New Yorkers!

Please do not hesitate to contact me for information or documentation. I can be reached at 817 946-8097 or rabshire@aol.com. I request your verification of this request.


R. Dale Abshire

2606 Twelve Oaks Lane Colleyville, TX 76034 
CC:Jeff.Wentworth@senate.state.tx.us, Steve.Ogden@senate.state.tx.us

Mike Geeslin, Commissioner
Texas Department of Insurance
State of Texas July 29, 2005

Dear Mr. Geeslin:

I am preparing to update my
www.TAMUEX.com web site and want to include information about you, Senators Ogden and Wentworth along with Governor Perry concerning the PONZI investment contracts that were sold by MONY to unsuspecting members of the public. In reviewing your resume I noticed that you had worked for Senators Shapiro, Haywood, Mr. Perry and Congressman Joe Barton and will assume that you are aware of their involvement and participation in this ongoing cabal.

As you are no doubt aware, I have for many years tried to help rectify this massive fraud on the public. For brevity's sake I direct you to my following web sites for your review and approval prior to publication. I would also appreciate your admission that you as the Commissioner of Insurance for the State of Texas cannot produce or cause to be produced an accurate, concise and properly opined financial statement that complies with Texas law for MONY for any time in the last 20 years. The web sites are:

http://www.SpitzerAG.com/ http://www.GonzalesAG.com/ http://www.MONYBUSH.com/
http://www.PWCSUCKS.com/ http://www.MONYSUCKS.com/ http://www.MONYINTERNATIONAL.com/

These sites have been previously reviewed by the TDI and no corrections were requested. If you find any incorrect information on the sites please let me know ASAP so that I can make any corrections.

I also request you help with the information and restitution requested in the letter to Attorney General Gonzales that is posted at
www.GonzalesAG.com . He was unable to help due to conflicts.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or documentation at 817 545-8961 or email


R. Dale Abshire
3308 Pin Oak Lane
Bedford, Texas 76021

Texas veterinarians, teachers and members of the military have been defrauded in a PONZI insurance scam by The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, commonly referred to as MONY! The following Texas A&M alumni knowingly used their official positions to aid and abet the fraud. They then graciously accepted contributions from lawyers representing MONY. Governor Rick Perry has twice appointed QUEER insurance commissioners who he knew would help hide his and Mr. Bush's involvement in the MONY / AXA Ponzi and the fraudulent financial statements filed by the company for for over 20 years. Texas Insurance Commissioner, Mike Geeslin, is a longtime minion to corruption.......since graduation from Texas A&M he has not worked for anyone who has not been involved!This site has been vetted without objection by the Securities & Exchange Commission, the USDOJ, the Texas Department of Insurance and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson. SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro via FOIA has admitted that the SEC does not have an accurate, concise and properly opined financial statement for MONY for anytime in the last 10 years. SEC Inspector General Kotz is currently investigating as many as 29 current and former SEC employees over their involvement in sheltering PricewaterhouseCoopers involvement.

Bush / Pitt